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Contact: Phone. +34 96 070 36 00 E-mail: info@transfers-valencia.com

TRANSFERS VALENCIA, through its trademarks www.transfers-valencia.com, provides passenger transport services in the area of joint provision of Valencia, by means of cars with meter.

TRANSFERS VALENCIA, acts as a provider of transport services and in no case as a travel agency. All vehicles have the compulsory administrative and insurance licenses required by current legislation.

TRANSFERS VALENCIA reserves the right to transfer or subcontract at any time with third parties some of our rights and obligations, or all of them, under these terms and conditions.

TRANSFERS VALENCIA, will be closed and will not provide any service on December 24 (Christmas Eve) December 25 (Christmas) December 31 (New Year's Eve) and January 1 (New Year).


To request a service the customer must follow the application procedure set out in our website. All applications must be made at least 24 hours in advance. For services with less than 24 hours notice should call the contact number listed in condition 1.

By formalizing his request, the Customer confirms that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions, and also; confirms that it has the necessary legal capacity to accept these terms on behalf of itself and/or on behalf of their companions. Therefore, the customer will be responsible for making all payments due and notify us of any modification, cancellation or any delay of the flight, ship or train and any complaint.

All accepted applications services will be formalized by sending a ticket to the e-mail you provided us previously. To send the ticket to your email the ticket must be already paid.

Extra services such as high seats, extra stops, or transporting golf kits, bicycles, skis, pets, etc., must be consulted in advance.

In the boarding pass will appear the following:

  • Indication of the carrier

  • Trip details

  • Return details

  • Total price

If the Customer detects an error, it shall immediately notify Transfers Valencia, for rectification, in accordance with sections on modification and/or cancellation of contracts.

Transfers Valencia, assumes no responsibility for errors or inconsistencies that customer may have committed while filling out the form or failure to report the complete and accurate information during the hiring process. Transfers Valencia doesn’t guarantee any assessment of suitability for service requests or schedules chosen by the customer.

The information and data you transmit to us during the contract shall be provided in the part that is necessary to provide the service. You authorize us to transmit your data, such as the passenger's name, mobile phone, dates and times, who are involved in performing the service.

The customer must print out the Boarding pass duplicate and the proof of payment of the service. The customer has the duty to carry them at all times. Before starting your journey, you must sign one of the bills printed books and give it to the driver; if you don’t give it to them, the driver could refuse to complete the service without the right to a refund or compensation.

If your trip is round trip you must print out 2 duplicates in total. 2 Boarding pass and 2 proofs of payment.

Transfers Valencia always send an email to the address of the customer that has provided us previously any notice or communication. All emails sent from VçTransfers Valencia will remain in our database during the deadline of claims as a proof of notification and delivery confirmation.


The prices of the services shall be agreed upon with Transfers Valencia, during the hiring process.

The price of the service will be set depending on the service, type of vehicle, departure and arrival, date and start time, among other items. These prices are fixed and guaranteed from the moment the customer receives their Boarding pass, without affecting any changes in prices.

Prices include the cost of providing transport, supplements, indicated delays, management contracts and the first amendment, tolls if any, business benefit and VAT (currently 10%).

Prices are set per vehicle, regardless of the number of passengers and luggage within the limits legally established passenger and cargo.


The amount of services does not include any amount in respect about tips: The customer hasn’t obligation to satisfy drivers and, if so, will be exclusively on their own will.


Payments can be made at the time of booking the service through electronic payment card (credit, debit, or PayPal), involving an automatic charge on buyer; or end their service within the requested vehicle.

Payment on the vehicle shall be paid in cash or credit or debit card inside the vehicle on arrival in your destination.

Payment by Paypal you will be redirected to Paypal.

TPV payment by credit card or debit card through Banco Santander you will be redirected to the official website of TPV.

Payment by electronic means shall be made through payment gateways POS (point of sale, virtual), no legal relationship with the Company, payment gateways that have a secure area to the slogan of sensitive information Registered User for the realization of electronic payment by encryption protocols of information, as is clear from the public information on the website of the payment gateway TPV or bank responsible for such payment gateway TPV. The holder's name and address will be required to registered card number, expiration date and secure verification code will be in the front or back of the card, as well as the purpose of verifying cardholder data card with the bank.

Payment will be charged to the User's account at the time of contracting the service. Payment through the POS or PayPal, the user will be redirected to the official Web site of TPV or PayPal to enter the mode of payment and the necessary data for effectiveness. In this case payment through electronic means, means that the reservation has been confirmed, once the user has finished processing electronic purchase with payment tool TPV or entity PayPal and receive confirmation of it.

In any case, for each contract a service, the user must provide the requested information will be processed through "Secure online payment gateways." The Bank guarantees the Registered User in connection with the payment through payment gateways do not save sensitive data concerning the means of payment used recorded once confirmed and completed the process of hiring the service. The banks with which the Company has signed agreements for the provision of payment services via known as "safe online payment gateways" are the only ones who can have access to that data to manage payments and receipts. When payment is made, the user is directed to the secure interface (https) of the bank to whom the card information is provided and validates the operation, so not accessible to third parties.

In order that the Company may carry out the necessary steps, the user shall notify the Bank, as soon as possible, any improper or fraudulent charge on the credit card used for hiring the service. Such notification may be performed to info@transfers-valencia.com email or by calling the telephone number +34 960 703 600.


All communications betweenTransfers Valencia and the customer must be made by email, through which the travel tickets and any modification or alteration of your contract will be sent.

The email address of Transfers Valencia is written in point 1.

The customer must provide us an email to receive all notifications from Transfers Valencia. Any change of the email must be provided as soon as possible in order to provide the contracted service.

The customer must provide us a telephone number (including the country code) just in case any urgent incident happens.


The customer may make changes to his contract until 48 hours before the date and time fixed for the beginning of the service. Any request for amendment must be submitted in writing to our email and our acceptance will be notified to you via email, at which the amendment is effective.

If the contract modification also implies a price change we will proceed as follows. If it involves an increase in price, the customer must pay prior to acceptance by the difference between the initial price and the final price again, in the manner provided in these terms. If it involves a reduction of the initial price, the customer will be refunded the difference in cash at the beginning of the journey, always providing your request change prior to the limit stated above.

Transfers Valencia only accept one modification of the contract without penalty. For a second modification, the customer must pay 10€ in cash, which payment shall be made at the beginning of the journey.

The customer will pay 10€ penalty if the modification is 24h prior of the schedule time and it will be subject under at any change of vehicle.

Any requested modification by the customer that is not possible to accept, it may finish as is written in the point 8.


Any request for cancellation of the contract shall be sent in writing to our email and it will have the following cancellation fees:

  • One hundred percent (100%) of the total price of the service, when the cancellation occurs in less than 24 hours in advance of the start time of the service.

  • Fifty percent (50%) of the total price of the service, when the cancellation is made up to 24 hours from 48 hours before your transfer service.

  • Ten percent (10%) of the total price of the service, when the cancellation occurs up to 48 hours before your transfer service.

For reasons beyond the control of the carrier, it was impossible to provide the service and was forced to cancel it, we will refund the customer the full amount of the service.


Any incident occurred prior to 24 hours of the schedule time must be notified via telephone. Transfers Valencia will wait to all customers for free always, indicated as follows:

  • In airports, sixty (60) minutes from the landing time as indicated before in the signed contract.

  • In Ports, sixty (60) minutes from the arrival time of the ship as indicated before in the signed contract.

  • Thirty (30) minutes in bus or train station from the arrival time of the bus/train as indicated before in the signed contract.

  • Waiting time in hotels, home or anywhere else not listed above, Transfers Valencia will give to all customers fifteen (15) minutes of waiting time for free.

If the customer does not appear in this waiting period, the service will be CANCELLED, and the customer will have no right to any claim or get any refund.

However, before removing the vehicle and terminate your service, directly or through partners or our drivers Transfers Valencia will try to contact you on your mobile phone.


The customer has the right to modify his arrival time due to delays in airports, ports or train station. These modifications will be always for free for the customer.

For this purpose, the customer must inform the carrier as soon as possible.

If the customer is unable to reach the meeting point for any flight, train or bus cancellation, the customer has the right to get all amount paid for that service. To be refunded, the customer must send a proof of the cancellation to our email.


In order to facilitate the meeting with the customer, drivers will carry a sign with the name of the customer or group name which carried out the contract.

To pick up the customers it will be always in the place, date and time established in the contract. The meeting points are listed below unless it has been discussed before with the carrier:

Airports, stations and seaport, within the terminal or where the family normally wait and the drivers pick up the customers.


Transfers Valencia and the drivers will not accept any liability for the additional cost incurred by the costumer or its group. The driver may terminate the service ahead of schedule if any of these situations happen during the service:

  • Under the influence of the alcohol or drugs.

  • Smoking is not permitted during the service.

  • Customer can’t eat, or take any drugs or alcohol during the service.

  • The behavior of the customer can’t affect the safety of the driver or any of its occupants.

  • Baggage must fit on the trunk. Explosives, corrosives, flammables and few others will be forbidden according with the Spanish law.

At any of the list above, customers are not entitled to a refund and always will pay any damage occasioned.


To avoid any misunderstanding between the company and the customer, the costumer has the duty to inform the driver of the destination.

On reaching the target area, the driver will leave the customers as close as possible of their accommodation or place of destination.

The driver will choose the best route to drive you to your destination at any case. If the customer wants to reach the destination for his own way, the customer will assume to pay an extra fee if necessary. If the route is blocked or weather conditions can’t permit to drive the customers to their destination or for any other reason, the customer will assume any additional fee if necessary.


The customer has the right to transport any luggage during the journey. The volume of baggage included in each service will be limited to the capacity of the vehicle in accordance with the measures, spaces for luggage and enforceable requirements for the carriage of passengers and their luggage. Excess of luggage is not permitted at any case and the customer will pay an extra fee if necessary. The customer has the right to transport the excess luggage at his own expense.

As a guideline, the approximate capacity of the vehicle, type tourism up to 4 people plus driver, is two large or 3 medium suitcases. Transfers Valencia consider large suitcases with the dimensions of 80x50x30 centimeters or 20 Kilograms. Maximum weight permitted is 40 kilograms in total on the trunk if the vehicle is for 4 people.

The customer shall be responsible at all times for their luggage and belongings; customer has the right to put his luggage in the trunk by himself in the satisfactory place. When the journey is starting without any opposition of the customer the driver will assume that the service is starting and the costumer will have the responsibility of their luggage.

Transfers Valencia and drivers will not take the responsibility of any damage of the luggage at any case.

El Cliente será igualmente responsable de retirar todas sus pertenencias del vehículo una vez finalizado el servicio, quedando VALENCIA TRANSFERS AIRPORT y los conductores que presten el servicio totalmente exonerados de cualquier responsabilidad posterior en relación a posibles o presuntos objetos olvidados en los vehículos.


The customer has the duty of taking care about his pet at all times during the service. The carriage of pets is subject to availability at no additional charge. The Customer shall include it as an extra in their boarding pass. Fail any of these requirements to include the transportation of your pet or pet as an extra or not meet the required safety conditions, the driver may terminate service and no refund will be given by Transfers Valencia.


While filling out the contract, the customer must indicate if is travelling with childrens. The childrens take a seat as a normal person. The customer must ensure that the taken vehicle has enough seats for all occupants.

On Spain it is compulsory for children traveling with approved child restraint in all urban and intercity travel, so please indicate it in the contract to offer you a local driver with without any extra cost. Failure to indicate that one of the travelers is a minor, the driver will cancel the service without any refund.

If it isn’t possible to fulfill your request for child devices in the area or type of vehicle required, we will inform you prior to the completion of the service, in which case the customer may request the cancellation of the contract and refund.

At any case it is the customer´s responsibility to place the children´s properly. When the driver begins the service without any opposition of the customer shall mean that the journey begins with their agreement and under sole responsibility regarding minors traveling with the customer in the vehicle.


When the contract is made, the customer will accept these terms and conditions as follows:

  • The customer must notify to Transfers Valencia any variation that affects the contracted service.

  • The service shall be made in accordance with the details of the contracted service.

  • The customer must ensure that all details in the contract are well made.

  • Que tiene la obligación de comprobar que todos los datos que aparecen en la Hoja de embarque son correctos y que en caso de que haya cometido algún error deberá notificarlo por escrito con un mínimo de 24 horas de antelación sobre la hora de inicio del servicio para poder efectuar la correspondiente modificación. De no hacerlo, VALENCIA TRANSFERS AIRPORT, no será responsable de los posibles perjuicios que pudiesen producirse.

  • Adults are responsible of the children´s behavior at all times. In case of any damage of the children´s or any other person travelling with the customer, the customer will be the first responsible of it.

  • The customer will be agreed with the transfer of their personal data to the drivers.


I n the services from/to airports, stations, ports or any other place where you need to make connections with other transports ,the customer has the duty of the setting up the starting time of the service. Fail to this, the customer could have a delay of maximum 30 minutes as is written in the point 20.

Transfers Valencia will provide the customer an approximated time for some journeys. This information it is just an orientation for the customer. Heavier vehicles have lower speed limits so the journey will be always more or less on the indicated time and the price will be as it appears in the contract.

Los retrasos en llegar al lugar de finalización del servicio motivados por las circunstancias del tráfico, de las vías, o de otras causas concurrentes durante la realización del servicio no imputables al conductor, no darán lugar a responsabilidad alguna de VALENCIA TRANSFERS AIRPORT, ni del conductor. Igual exoneración de responsabilidad por las circunstancias señaladas alcanza a las pérdidas de conexión con otros medios de transporte (aviones, trenes, barcos, etc).


Transfers Valencia always let the customer know how many free seats are in that kind of vehicle. Maximum seats in the vehicle will be always:

Free seats for customers + driver´s seat.

Metered vehicle are for public services and normally has a badge of the vehicle´s type. Driver´s will be always very professional with a great experience in this field. Transfers Valencia will provide you the best conditions for you and your companions.


The carrier is obliged to ensure and put all the means to your disposal for the proper service.

Driver´s always wait 30 minutes maximum. The customer shall contact Transfers Valencia via telephone as soon as possible to notify any delay.

If the service begins with a delay greater to 30 minutes Transfers Valencia will refund to the customer 50% of the total amount of the service to the customer. To receive that amount the customer must send the boarding pass to our email with the arrival time of the driver, and the driver´s sign in the boarding pass. There shall be exempt from this penalty if the delay or default is due to causes not attributable to Transfers Valencia, or the local driver.


Neither Transfers Valencia or drivers guarantees or will be responsible for any damages that you or your companions may suffer as a result of an emergency that may occur before or during the service, not attributable to Transfers Valencia or any driver and making the service impossible or delay or amendment, such as accidents, third party controls or police operations that slow circulation, holding sporting or cultural events, vandalism or terrorism, protests, demonstrations and riots, strikes, road closures by passing motorcades, unforeseen road hazards, governments acts or public authorities, natural disasters or catastrophes, fire, adverse weather conditions or other similar events for reasons that remain out of control of the carrier.

All situations described above or similar will be considered as force majeure without giving rise to damages or compensation for damages that may occur to the customer or it’s companions.


The customer shall immediately inform the carrier of any incident that may occur in the service by email or phone.

Any complaint regarding the service must be done by the customer by writing in no more than 15 days. Transfers Valencia shall reply you no later than 15 days.

TRANSFERS VALENCIA, will be exempt from any claim that occurs in relation to the non-appearance or non availability of the vehicle at the place, date and time scheduled for the start of the service, if it does not receive notification from the Client at that moment, The assumption that the Client chooses to take other routes to travel to his destination, assuming on his part the non-appearance of the driver.

By formalizing the contract the customer waives responsibility to Transfers Valencia, for any damages covered by the insurance of the driver, as well as damages arising from any illness, injury, death or loss of money or anything or object that may be suffered by the customer or his companions, having to make a claim directly to the provider of the service driver.

Transfers Valencia, only accept responsibility for the claims that the Customer can be made by our own negligence in the management of their contracts or mistakes in the management of taking the money. In other cases, complaints must be against the driver not to Transfers Valencia.

All this under compliance with the standards set in each area, especially in ports and airports, on which, in some cases there may be restrictions or permanent, temporary or specific limitations in terms of access and parking. In such circumstances the customer must necessarily adapt to them in order to make the service effective and the customer shall contact us by telephone if you have any inquiry.

Some exceptional circumstances, such as works, roadblocks, sporting or cultural events, demonstrations, physical characteristics of the vehicle, workplace accessibility, etc. may preclude the vehicle to access to the requested site. . In these situations, the customer must contact with mobile phone as stated in the contract data traveler, to inform the nearest point at which the customer will be able to meet his driver.

Motivated by causes related to drivers and vehicle safety, the customer may refuse to board to the vehicle to begin the journey, if, in its judgment, there are any circumstance that exist and the customer consider unsatisfactory or inadequate. The launch of the vehicle without opposition and the subsequent start of the journey will be a sign of conformity by the customer.

In any case, if the customer can’t find the driver or it was impossible to see the vehicle on its place, the customer shall call the driver. Fail to this the customer can’t make any claim or get any refund of Transfers Valencia.


Transfers Valencia will send an email to our customer´s once the service will be done to obtain information about the thinking of the customers about the service provided to implement our constant improvement.


If any part of these terms and conditions become or be declared invalid or unenforceable for any reason then such requirement shall be deemed deleted, but the rest of the conditions shall continue.

These terms and conditions, and any relationship between Transfers Valencia, or local drivers and the Customer shall be governed by Spanish law. The exercise of any legal action relating to these Terms and Conditions or the provision of transport services between Transfers Valencia, and the customer submits to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the city of Valencia. Legal action customer may exercise against the local drivers will be submitted to the competent courts of the city where they are domiciled.


Under the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, Data Protection, the customer authorizes Transfers Valencia, to process the personal data contained in the contract in order to provide an efficient service. We also note the possibility of accessing the data provided, and to request, if necessary, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the treatments described in the terms established by the law by written a communication indicating that circumstance and conclusively proving their identity to: info@transfers-valencia.com.