Frequently asked questions

Before you book

No encuentro mi destino, ¿qué hago?

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Can I make a booking without knowing the exact destination?

Of course, our vehicles are equipped with taximeter or you can contract us for hours.

What time do I have to indicate when booking?

The arrival of you flight or train. Remember indicating the place of origin, the company and the flight number.

What is the difference between cash payment and Paypal payment?

Cash payment means that you will pay inside the vehicle, when you undertake your transfer.

Paypal payment is safe payment in advance with credit card.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is the fast and safe way of making payments through internet.

The data from your card or bank account is never shared.

The seller receives the payment instantly and provides the order earlier.

Your purchases can be protected without any amount limit.

My Reservation

I’ve already booked, why haven’t I received any e-mail?

Sometimes our mail is categorized as spam, check your spam/blocked folder; if it is not there, contact us.

The price of highways is included in the price?

YES, toll roads are included in the price.

Can I cancel my booking?

It doesn’t carry any additional costs, as long as you do it 48h in advance.

What happens if my flight or train is delayed?

If your flight or train is delayed, we will wait for you at no additional cost.

We constantly monitor the schedules of trains and flights.

What happens if my flight or train is cancelled?

You have to contact us and warn what day, time and what flight or train has been cancelled. It will have no additional cost.


How do you locate me at the airport or station?

The driver will be waiting for you with a sign with the name you indicated in the booking, at the exit door of the terminal flight or train.

What happens if when I arrive I do not find the cab?

In case of don’t finding your cab, you will have to call the number we provide.

How long is the driver waiting for us?

The driver will wait for you 60 minutes for airport, 30 minutes for train station, 15 minutes for hotel or home. If during that time you don’t contact us, the driver will leave.

How many places are the vehicles?

In the search page, next to the image of the vehicle, we indicate the number of places available for each vehicle.

In what type of vehicle will we travel?

All our vehicles are medium-to-high-end. You can request a large capacity vehicle or VIP model during the booking.

How much luggage can we bring with us?

Whatever you require, we have different vehicles to suit all your needs.

If you believe your luggage won’t fit in a single vehicle, you can book two or more vehicles.

What happens if I have excess luggage?

Luggage is always completely free, but remember to request a car with a high capacity in your booking.

Does having luggage carry extra costs?

No, you can load your luggage in our cabs at no additional cost.

What happens if I travel with children?

You can request in your booking up to 2 chairs or children seat.

What happens if I travel on a wheelchair?

There is no problem, simply indicate it to us when booking. We have vehicles adapted to the handicapped.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, as long as you indicate it in your booking, and with its corresponding transport.